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50th Anniversary Screen Studies Conference, Screen Theorizing Today, 3-5 July 2009, University of Glasgow, Scotland

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organized by Screen journal

deadline: 9 January 2009

The 19th international Screen Studies Conference will be an extra special occasion, marking the journal's 50th anniversary and following the publication of a bumper special Anniversary issue (volume 50, number 1, Spring 2009) exploring a range of aspects of contemporary screen theorizing. The conference will take up this theme in both plenary sessions and key strands of conference papers.

The Screen Anniversary Conference will be programmed by Screen editors Annette Kuhn and John Caughie.

Proposals for papers, on either the conference theme or on any topic in screen studies, are welcome. Please email your 200-word proposal to arrive no later than Friday 9 January 2009, marking the subject box 'Conference 2009', to screen@arts.gla.ac.uk.

For Conference updates, details of the Anniversary special issue of Screen and information on other events marking the 50th anniversary, please visit our website

Caroline Beven - production editor
Heather Middleton - administrative assistant

Gilmorehill Centre
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

t 0141 330 5035
f 0141 330 3515

screen available online here

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