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Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. Special Issue on Sport in New Media Cultures Vol 16 no 3, August 2010

Garry Whannel

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deadline: 30 August 2009

Guest editors: Raymond Boyle (University of Glasgow) and Garry Whannel (University of Bedfordshire)

Convergence is pleased to announce a forthcoming special issue on 'Sport in New Media Cultures'. Sport institutions and the practices of playing and watching sport have constantly had to adapt to the impact of changing forms of media technology. Modern sport in the second half of the twentieth century was shaped by television. Over the last 20 years the combined impact of the internet, mobile technologies, digitalisation, and globalising processes are having their impact on sport, in complex ways.

Proposals are invited for articles dealing with the aspects of sport in new media cultures. Articles are invited from scholars, researchers, practitioners, fans, and anyone with an informed research interest in this theme. Examples of topics for which article proposals are invited include the following:

The political economy of digital sport
Sport websites, sport organisations and fandom
Journalism, sport and digitisation
Interactive sports media; from radio to blogging
Sports images and imaging in the digital age
Representing sport in the multi-platform era
Digital sport: public service content or media commodity
Sport, gender, sexuality and digitalisation
Virtual sport: simulation-based computer games
Sports Rights and issues of governance.

We are hoping, with this issue, to bring together work from a variety of perspectives and focusing on a range of themes, which together, will help to add clarity to an agenda for examining the impact of technological change on sport. This is not an exhaustive list and submissions of innovative research are welcome around the central theme of sport in new media cultures.

Deadline for submission of research articles: 30 August 2009

Please send all submissions to Professor Garry Whannel (at garry.whannel@beds.ac.uk) – as attachments in Microsoft Word. Please include your surname in the subject line, and full contact details for the author(s), as well as information on the author's current affiliation or position, in the attachment and also on the accompanying email.

Guidelines for the submission of papers can be found at: http://convergence.beds.ac.uk/submissions

(For all other submissions/inquiries, please contact convergence@beds.ac.uk)

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