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Film and Television Graduate Studies at the University of East Anglia

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The School of Film and Television Studies has a thriving postgraduate programme.

MA programmes: (contact m.jancovich@uea.ac.uk or ftv.admiss@uea.ac.uk)

• MA in Film Studies (includes television options).

• MA in Film and Television Archiving – taught in conjunction with the East Anglian Film Archive.

• MA in Media, Culture and Society – taught in conjunction with Political, Social and International Studies.

PhD programme: (contact r.denison@uea.ac.uk or pgr.hum.admiss@uea.ac.uk).

Supervision is available on a wide range of film and television projects.

Staff include: Christine Cornea, Rayna Denison, Ulrich Heinze, Roger Hewins, Su Holmes, Mark Jancovich, Keith Johnston, Peter Kramer, Brett Mills, Lindsay Steenberg, Yvonne Tasker and Clare Watson.

A range of competitive scholarships and bursaries is available, including full cost scholarships (at EU rates).

We were also one of a select number of institutions asked to apply to the AHRC for inclusion in the Block Grants Partnership Scheme.

For more information, contact Rayna Denison (r.denison@uea.ac.uk) or Mark Jancovich (m.jancovich@uea.ac.uk)

Or apply by contacting:

Admissions Office
School of Film and Television Studies
University of East Anglia
Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK

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