CST online is a scholarly resource and critical forum for studying television. It is our mission to enrich television studies by providing comprehensive access to information, as well as to disseminate knowledge and stimulate debate.

Useful Links

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A website that focuses on the portrayal of lesbians and bisexual women in the media (primarily US).

A website that focuses on the portrayal of gay and bisexual men in the media (primarily US).

BBC iPlayer
Catch up on the last 7 days of BBC TV & Radio.

The BFI Moving Image Research Registry
The BFI Moving Image Research Registry is a unique database of researchers - based primarily at UK universities and colleges - and their research projects on cinema, television and moving image media.

Channel Four Television and British Film Culture: An Assessment of the Broadcaster's Film Policy and Programming, and its Impact on British Film Culture
An AHRC funded website that, over four years, examines C4's role as a producer, distributor and exhibitor-broadcaster of film. Further details of the project's aims and activities are available on the site.

Film Studies for Free
Excellent online resources for those studying the visual arts. Principally film based but has excellent listings.

Flow TV
A critical forum on television and media culture published fortnightly by the department of Television and Film at the University of Texas at Austin.

In Media Res
MediaCommons, is a network in which scholars, students, and other interested members of the public can help to shift the focus of scholarship back to the circulation of discourse. The network is community-driven, responding flexibly to the needs and desires of its users. It is also multi-nodal, providing access to a wide range of intellectual writing and media production, including forms such as blogs, wikis, and journals, as well as digitally networked scholarly monographs. Larger-scale publishing projects will be developed with an editorial board that will also function as stewards of the larger network.

Judgemental Observer
A blog on television, film and new media.

Useful site which collects listings of a variety of reviews from North American Newspapers with links to each one. Also has a full TV schedule.

North American Radio Studies Network (NARSN)
A way for people interested in the study and practice of radio to come together to share ideas, solve problems, exchange research, organize conferences, and build up the area of radio and radio/audio studies in North America.
Researching Cultural and Creative Industries in London (RCCIL)
RCCIL is an independent database of research on cultural and creative issues relevant to London. It aims to make research more accessible to policy-makers, academics, students and service-providers working in the field. The database contains summaries of pieces of research together with bibliographical details and relevant links. The research can be browsed by theme, keyword, cultural/creative sector or London borough. It is also free.

An online magazine with content updated each weekday. Liberal politics of the United States is its major focus, but it covers a range of issues. Reviews and articles about music, books and films are also a prominent feature of the site.

Screen Research
An online centre for anyone interested in the study of the moving image. It is aimed at researchers, lecturers, students, archivists, curators, educationalists, information specialists, scholars of the new media - anyone with a serious interest in screen history and screen practice today. It has news about upcoming conferences, festivals, and publications; information on resources, technologies and discoveries; discussion forums on individual subjects, from technical issues to theoretical concerns; and members can set up their own special interest groups. A particular feature is a calendar of UK events which we are trying to make as comprehensive as possible. The emphasis is on activity in the UK, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to participate.

Media Education Summit Presentations online

Ukraine Media Discourse papers available online

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