CST online is a scholarly resource and critical forum for studying television, sponsored by the Department of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University. It is our mission to enrich television studies by providing comprehensive access to information, as well as to disseminate knowledge and stimulate debate.

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CST is scholarly but accessible. It takes current and past television seriously and aims to encourage the academic and broader intellectual communities to recognise the value of the critical study of small screen fictions in the broadest sense (see below, Notes for Authors). The journal invites analyses of the compositional principles and aesthetics of texts as well as research findings on related production and reception contexts. It welcomes contributions on present and past production. The immediacy of online publication is particularly suitable for a medium, which has both a major social impact and a rapid turnover. Besides refereed articles, CST online will also afford a space called TV Shorts, providing a forum for immediate responses to programmes, as well as a bulletin board for quick responses and open critical debate.

CST seeks to attract contributions from academics, scholar-fans and fan-scholars as well as programme-makers, industry-scholars and journalists.

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