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Screen, vol.50, no.1 (Spring 2009): special 50th anniversary issue

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Deadline: 30 May 2008.
To celebrate Screen's 50th birthday, we are planning a special anniversary issue (Spring 2009) on screen theory, which we take to mean conceptual work and also historical, critical and empirical work that pushes at the boundaries of medium-specific theorisation and conceptualisation in all areas of screen theory, including cinema, television, art gallery moving image, and other moving image screen media. We do not exclude what is sometimes called 'Screen Theory'-we are not, in other words, proposing to ignore Screen's formative role in theoretical developments in our discipline over the last fifty years-but this will not be a central focus. The concern will be to set out key current developments.

The issue will comprise twenty or so short (around 4000-word) articles, and will feature none of the usual reviews, reports, etc. Most of these will be by invited contributors, but we would like also to include material submitted to the journal. If you wish to submit an article covering one or more of the abovementioned areas for consideration for the special issue, please send it to the Screen office, to arrive no later than 30 May 2008. Please note, we require 2 hard copies and an electronic copy (maybe submitted by email). Please be sure to indicate on your submission that it is for the anniversary issue.

For further details of how to submit material, and of the 50th Anniversary celebrations and events, visit the Screen website (www.screen.arts.gla.ac.uk).

Elizabeth Anderson, Admin Assistant
Caroline Beven, Production Editor

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Screen: now available online at http://screen.oxfordjournals.org

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