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David Lavery on The Great "Buffy" Rewatch (as seen on Nik-at-Nite)

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"Teacher's Pet" |1.4 | 3/25/97 | David Greenwalt | Bruce Seth Green
"Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" | 1.5 | 03/31/97 | Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali | David Semel
"The Pack" | 1.6 | 04/07/97 | Matt Kliene & Joe Reinkemeyer | Bruce Seth Green

Can I just say one thing? HEEEELLLLP! HEEEELLLLP!
Xander to Mrs. French (the she-mantis) in "Teacher's Pet"

When the episodes I've just rewatched originally aired, I was paying no attention. (You can read a brief account of my "coming-to-Buffy" in Season Four experience here.) Nor have I ever been a big fan of BtVS S1. I have even been known to discourage potential future adherents to skip the entire season and begin their Buffy immersion with S2 (in the hope such a navigation of the verse would more likely lead to love/addiction).

My critical opinion of two of my three rewatchables was, nevertheless, high: I've long considered "Never" and "Pack" among the strongest from Buffy's rookie season. "Teacher's Pet," on the other hand, I had filed away in my memory as a BBF (Buffy Bottom Feeder), an episode every bit as lame as, say, "Inca Mummy Girl" or "Beer Bad." (I know, I know: judging television episodes is an exercise in critical relativity, and the worst Buffy may still be pretty good television.) I am happy to report that while "Never" and "Pack" remain worthy, "Pet" has improved with age.

Cntd/... on the Laverytory ...

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