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Announcement: University Press of Mississippi launches Television Conversations Series and seeks editors for new volumes

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Set to debut in 2011, the Television Conversations Series will collect interviews with producers, writers, and showrunners to extend and deepen the dialogue about a vital medium that is shaping visual and popular culture. Each volume will focus on a single figure (or creative pair) and contains interviews spanning the career of that person, as well as an introduction, chronology, and list of key resources. The first title in the series will beConversations with Joss Whedon, edited by Cynthia Burkhead and David Lavery.

The University Press of Mississippi seeks authors interested in editing other volumes for the series. Interested parties should contact Press editor Leila Salisbury (lsalisbury@mississippi.edu) or series editor David Lavery (david.lavery@gmail.com), professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University.

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