Teaching Adaptations: University of York, 1 December 2010

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(A free study day organised by the English Subject Centre and Teesside University)

Film and television adaptations of literary and other texts are a popular and expanding area of study for undergraduates, both in the context of literature and film and media studies programmes. An increasing number of modules are dedicated to the specialist study of adaptations, while adaptations also act as valuable teaching aids in the context of period or author-based modules. As an interdisciplinary field of study, adaptations present specific challenges and rewards; this study day will discuss emerging and innovative pedagogic practice in this field. It will explore questions of disciplinary methodology, 'canons' and critical contexts and will seek to place the study of adaptations within broader contexts, including postgraduate teaching, research and employability.

Presentations include:

• Teaching Adaptations: Current Issues Rachel Carroll (Teesside University)
• Adaptations and Disciplinarity Julie Sanders (University of Nottingham) and Suzanne Speidel (Sheffield Hallam University)
• Canons and Critical Contexts Shelley Cobb (University of Southampton)
• Adaptations and Beyond Yvonne Griggs (De Montfort University)

Further details and registration.

General enquiries: esc@rhul.ac.uk

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