Second Coming: The Rebirth of TV Drama, 6 May - 25 June, BFI Southbank

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Don't miss our two-month season showcasing some of the best original British (short-form) TV dramas from the last decade, including live Q&As and debates with many of the writers. The season will challenge the prevailing critical view that British TV drama is creatively in decline.

In fact, the season contends, today's generation of British TV dramatists - such as Russell T. Davies, Paul Abbott, Jimmy McGovern, Tony Marchant, Abi Morgan and Guy Hibbert - are as accomplished as any before, and represent a genuine second wave of British small-screen drama.

The season kicks off with a special introduction by curator Mark Duguid, who mounts a passionate defence of contemporary UK drama. In June, a high profile panel, including writers Tony Marchant and Jimmy McGovern and BBC Head of Drama Ben Stephenson, will debate the present and future of British television drama.

For more information and to book, visit the website.

Faith + Q&A with William Ivory
Mon 24 May 17:50 NFT2
Exploration of the fissures opened up by the Miners' Strike.

God on Trial + Q&A with Frank Cottrell Boyce & Mark Redhead
Fri 14 May 17:50 NFT3
Intensely humanist exploration of the holocaust.

Mark of Cain + Q&A with Tony Marchant
Thu 6 May 20:20 NFT2
A tender young squaddie turns to brutal violence and torture.

Out of Control + Q&A with Dominic Savage
Tue 18 May 18:10 NFT3
A fierce indictment of young people in the criminal justice system.

Season Overview: Never Mind the Golden Age
Thu 6 May 18:20 NFT2
BFI curator Mark Duguid reflects on the character of authored drama today.

The Second Coming
Wed 12 May 17:30 NFT2
The son of God appears in Manchester and issues a new challenge to mankind.

Sex Traffic
Sat 29 May 14:30 NFT2
A crucial corrective to those who fear that British drama lacks courage or bite.

Sat 8 May 14:50 NFT2
One of the small screen's most incisive treatments of war.

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