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Postcolonial Media Culture in Britain (Palgrave, Macmillan 2011)

edited by Rosalind Brunt and Rinella Cere

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Extract from the Preface

The book addresses the tangled histories of postcolonialism and their impact on Britain. It bears witness to newly emerging practices and discourses that deserve to be both celebrated and rigorously analysed. But it also does not shy away from confronting the colonial legacies that continue to produce marginalization and exclusion. Hence the book's concern to scrutinize equal opportunity policies of multiculturalism and diversity as applied to media and to pick apart contemporary textual representations of ethnic community cultures that bespeak racist rhetoric – however unwittingly deployed. Drawing on postcolonial theory throughout, the book takes to heart its crucial insight that, while 'another world is possible', the dominant culture in Britain continues to draw on repertoires of restrictive and racially oppressive discourse.

Book content

1. Postcolonial and Media Studies: A Cognitive Mapping
Rinella Cere
2. The Politics of Hip-Hop and Cultural Resistance: a British-Asian Perspective
Amir Saeed
3. Alien Nation: Contemporary Art in Black Britain
Leon Wainwright
4. Mainstreaming Cultural Diversity: Public Service Policy and British Reality Television
Sarita Malik
5. Voicing the Community: Participation and Change in Black and Minority Ethnic Local UK Radio
Caroline Mitchell
6. From Mosque to YouTube: UK Muslims Go Online
Gary Bunt
7. 'What a Burkha!': Reflections on the UK Media Coverage of the Sharia Law Controversy
Rosalind Brunt
8. Engaging Theory, Making Films: Radical Black Cinema in Britain
Chi-Yun Shin
9. You've Been Framed: Stereotyping and Performativity in Yasmin
Peter Morey
10. Discourses of Separation: News and Documentary Representations of Muslims in Britain
Myra Macdonald
11. Debating Contemporary Postcolonial Theory: the Limitations of a Culturalist Approach
Christopher Pawling

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