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TV Courses - Canada

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Film Studies and related programmes at colleges and universities in Canada

Brock University, Ontario
Department of Communications, Popular Culture and Film

University of Calgary
Faculty of Communication and Culture
BA in Communication and Culture
Bachelor of Communications Studies - Degree Partnership with SAIT
Postgraduate programmes in Communication Studies

CineCours ecole de Cinema et de Television
Formation professionnelle de realisateur de television

Columbia College, Vancouver
Digital entertainment and communications training

Conestoga College, Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
School of Media and Design
Media & Design Full-Time Programmes

Humber College, Toronto
School of Media Studies and Information Technology
Diploma in Acting for Film and Television
Diploma in Broadcast Television/Videoraphy
Advanced Diploma in Film and Televsion Production
Advanced Diploma in Print and Broadcast Journalism
Bachelor of Applied Arts - Film and Media Production
Postgraduate studies
Including Ontario Graduate Certificate in Television Writing and Producing

Malaspina University College
Media Studies Progamme
BA Minor in Media Studies

Mohawk College, College of Applied Arts and Technology
Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media

The Montreal Radio & TV School
Television courses

Mount Royal College
Film and Television courses

Niagara College
Media and Design courses
Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Radio & Television – Television

Ryerson Polytechnic University
BA in Radio and Television

Simon Fraser University
The School of Communication
Undergraduate programmes
Postgraduate programmes

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Diploma in Radio, Television and Broadcast News

Toronto Media & Film College
Film and television production

University of Western Ontario
BA in Media, Information and Technoculture
MA in Media Studies
PhD in Media Studies

University of Windsor
Communication Studies (including television production)

User comments

Ravindra Mohabeer on September 30, 2010
I just took a look at the programs site. I didn't even realize it was here ... great undertaking. I'm affiliated with what is listed as Malaspina U/C - but the name has changed to Vancouver Island University and the program has a different web address than the one your link points to. The current generic URL is http://www.viu.ca and the program is http://www.mediastudies.viu.ca (there is a full major now, and not just a minor).

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